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 The Rules of Conduct

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PostSubject: The Rules of Conduct   Thu Aug 05, 2010 5:58 pm

Don't be a Jerk.

There is no Crying in Dragonlance.

You would think that this would be enough to ensure people behave themselves and not act ridiculous, but of course it never is.  As such the following will cover more specifics.

Public PG-13 Setting
All Role Play in Common Areas needs to be considered appropriate for a PG-13 Setting. There are many players that visit, both male and female, of varied ages. Please be respectful to your fellow players concerning this matter.

*Any players engaging in 'risque' Role Play done in privacy need to take a Screen Shot of all players involved stating they are of legal age to engage in such behavior and submit this to the Admin.

Foul language is not permitted.  Use of the “F” word and other variations for curse words is inappropriate and shall not be tolerated. In Character swearing such as, “Damn you to the abyss” or “He is an arse” are acceptable.

All Characters need to have a name. Be original in the naming as well. Silly or famous real world names are not acceptable and players will be asked to remake that character. Offensive names may result in a ban from the server.

Verbal or Physical Abuse of Characters are permitted.  Guess what it happens, there is no crying or getting upset over In Character actions, staff isn't here for that.  Walk away if you aren't having fun, but we are not role-play police and have no intention to be so.

However, Verbal abuse or physical abuse of another player is not acceptable. If a player receives this type of treatment, and it is unwanted, then send an OOC message to the offending player.  If this continues, then report it with a screenshot of the incident sent to the Admin for review.

Anything turned in without a screenshot will be dismissed.

Metagaming is using knowledge that your character wouldn't have access to, or wouldn't otherwise know.  This behaviour is not permitted on the server.

Some examples include, but are not limited to: In a party, do not use the location of a fellow party member to locate them.  Just because the name of a character is above their head, does not mean you automatically know the character for who he/she really is.

Abusing Bugs
Using Bugs or Glitches in game to benefit your character is forbidden.

Characters that receive or witness these types of infractions to the rules should take screen shots and report it via PM on the forums; so we can deal with the matter immediately.

All reported infractions will be kept confidential.

DM Staff
The DM staff on the server is here to assist all players, and to provide the players with a fun and exciting adventure.  All matters that require the DM’s attention will be handled as they are received. Please be patient.

If you believe a DM is treating yourself or another player unfairly, take a screenshot of the situation and send a PM to the Admin.

The Admin will review the situation, and deliver a final decision.

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The Rules of Conduct
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