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 Guild Rules and Guidelines

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PostSubject: Guild Rules and Guidelines   Guild Rules and Guidelines Icon_minitimeThu Aug 05, 2010 5:52 pm

All players are expected to role play thier guilds ethos and outlooks on society, and follow the guild guidelines as listed on their indivual forum areas.  The nature of the specific groups within the world are just high points on the major differences between Dragonlance and other settings.  Players will find that the major guilds and major aspects of the world do have standards and guidelines that will be upheld in order to remain true to the Dragonlance setting.  Players are asked to be aware of these guidelines before joining the major guilds.

Guild Characters
A player may have more than one character in a guild at this time, however, please consult with the ADM before creating characters in guilds which would openly oppose one another.  (I.E Solamnic Knights and the Dragon Army.)

Guild Items
Guild Items are created specifically for the guild in question. No Character other than guild members should be in possesion of these items, or be able to use them.

The only exception to this rule is; in PvP, if the winner of the battle takes something of the guild from the loser as a trophy, for display purposes only, and not the use, or sale of the item.

Tower of High Sorcery See Also: Guild Information
Magic comes from the Moons of Krynn, where the three gods of magic make their homes. The focuses of a mage are the power of that moon flowing through them, almost in a manner similar to which a priest channels their power. Due to the nature of Magic being -so powerful- it is necessary for magi to be regulated by the Tower in order to ensure such is not causing rampant destruction and to ensure that this responsibility is being taught to those students who follow.

Characters that wish to Join the ToHS, should seek out a wizard of High Sorcery in good standing, and/or a school of magic sponsored by the Tower, by level 6. At that time, the character will be given a rudimentary entry exam to determine admission. Upon acceptance, the character will be given a mentor. Extensive role play and studying of the laws of the tower, and the varied schools and orders of High Sorcery is needed.

A character will be examined on the rules to ensure they know what they are doing.

The character must begin their test of High Sorcery before they reach level 10, or risk being branded a renegade by the conclave. (Certain exceptions can and will be made due to circumstances outside the players control)

Players that fail the test, are not automatically deemed as dead, unless agreed upon by the player and DM (permadeath). However, they may “awaken” from a bad dream, and suffer some ill effects. They may remain in the school to retest at a later time. The character is allowed a maximum of 3 attempts to pass the test, before being expelled from the school. Upon expulsion, the character may choose another class to progress in, or continue on as a magic user, and accept the branding of “Renegade” by the tower.

A wizard of High Sorcery may multi class, as long as it does not directly oppose the towers regulations; to be considered for conclave a character must have one of the following builds:
40 wizard
40 sorceror

Other builds may be considered for conclave, with appropriate roleplay.

Knights of Solamnia See Also: Guild Information
“My Honor is my Life.” These men and women are 'exemplary' images of what good should aspire to be. Noble of heart and deed, word and soul.. those who aspire to be Solamnic Knights are held to higher standards than all others who seek the light. They do not lie, cheat, steal.. they do not use cowardly tactics for these are dishonorable acts of lesser men.

The Knights of Solamnia are rich in storied tradition. A character that wishes to be a knight, must seek out a knight to be squired to. All knights must be Lawful Good alignment, and will be expected to conduct themselves as a knight. Acting outside the ethos of a knight is grounds for losing knighthood, and being made to re-level the character to another class.

The character becomes a Knight aspirant if taken as a squire and is subject to follow all orders given by his Knight sponsor. Through extensive Roleplay, the character may be accepted into the ranks of the Knights, and shall progress according to their beliefs and conduct as a knight. Level guidelines are not set in stone, and a character may come to the guild at any time.

The knights of Solamnia have certain racial guidelines that they follow, and will not allow certain races to even squire for knighthood; regardless of the characters abilities or loyalty.

Dragon Army See Also: Guild Information
The Dragon Armies are the predominant force of evil in the land. They have racial requirements that they follow as ordered by the Dark Queen.

If a player wishes to join the Dragon Armies, then he is expected to seek out the headquarters of the army he seeks to join, and role play his intention. Level guidelines are not set in stone, and a character may come to the guild at any time.

Takhisis controls all aspects of her forces, and characters are subject to her will. Players should realize that the Dark queen can at any time take the character, and send them on a quest to prove their worth and loyalty to her. Characters that refuse, will find themselves banished from the armies, and hunted as a traitor to the queens forces.

Dark Clerics, and evil wizards/sorcerers in service to Takhisis, shall be the represenative of their church, or magical order; however, may find themselves placed in an army for support purposes, or to lead the army in the name of the Dark Queen and called upon as she sees fit for a purpose. Refusal may result in the character being banished and hunted, or may result in the character being punished and “reprogrammed” by clerics, or the queen herself.

Divine Casters - See Also: Classes and Dieties, Domains, and Guild Information
Undergo a trial of faith in order to ensure they are upholding the precepts of their gods. The world of Dragonlance sees 'true-clerics' as a rarity due to the need for such to be in line with the ideals of their deity. Historically speaking the world has a history in which clerics who did not uphold such precepts throw the world into darkness, hence the constant challenges.

All clerics/druids are expected to belong to a church of a specific Diety. The gods are the only ones to grant the Divine spells.

Divine spell casters are expected to roleplay as a member of their gods church, and support, and defend the dogma and ethos of the Diety, as well as knowing, and having the correct Domains for the diety as your characters domains.

A player that wishes their character to be a mortal champion of their diety, is expected to act according to the gods dogma at all times, and be of the same alignment as their god. They are also to have weapon focus in their dieties favored weapon, and be of the dieties favored class. An extensive, and excellent role play story is required for the character to be a mortal champion, and they are expected to act as the diety expects at all times.

There will only be one mortal champion per diety at any given time.

Bonus and boons will be given to the mortal champion, however, even the slightest infraction from the dieties dogma and ethos will cause the champipn to lose their benefits, and they will be returned to a mere worshiper of the diety, if not punished further by the diety for insolence.

If there are any questions or comments or suggestions, please direct them to a PM to a member of the DM staff.

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Guild Rules and Guidelines
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