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 Welcome to Legends of Krynn

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Welcome to Legends of Krynn Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to Legends of Krynn   Welcome to Legends of Krynn Icon_minitimeThu Aug 05, 2010 5:33 pm

Welcome to Dragonlance Legends of Krynn. Here at LoK, we are committed to providing every player the opportunity to advance their character(s) in the world.

This is purely a dedicated Role Play server. However, we do not discourage action storylines from becoming a part of our universe.

PvP is allowed, but we prefer that a solid Role Play background be built for such interactions, and leave the possibility for more role play and other incidents that can shape the world.

Every Character, regardless of alignment or affiliation can shape the world. Siege warfare is a part of our server. A character that is a part of a larger force, or if they feel they can do it alone, may attempt to liberate a town from oppresive control, or conquer a town and instill themselves as the lord of that city.

The DM staff is largely involved with the day to day dealings of the world and players.

Some things about the server that many players have come to love here are......

Houses you can buy and furnish
A banking system
Teleportation Rings
Visually superb tile sets
Realistic Towns, Cities and Keeps
A Free Color and Craft system for armor, helm and weapons
Guild opportunities for all major factions
Sea voyages
Hundreds and hundreds of amazing looking areas
And finally, yet most importantly, some of the best RPers on NWN

Hak packs have been included in the building of this module, and I'm sure that after just a few minutes in the mod, you will agree what a good decision it has been to use them. The tile sets alone are stunning, and the way the build team have implemented the extra content of the hak packs is breath taking.

You can feel the atmosphere of Palanthas, proud city of Solamnia, as you walk the cobbled streets. Solace, with its mighty Vallenwood trees and treetop walkways, has a very natural and homey feel. The Tower of Wayreth is practically charged with magical energy. Head up in to mountains and you might just shiver as the wind howls and the cold bites at your fingertips. Then there are the caves - quiet, damp and dark - filled with some of Krynn's most deadly creatures.

Please feel free to ask questions, of any staff member. I do truly hope you enjoy LoK; and will strive to move the world forward, be it any way your characters desires.
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Welcome to Legends of Krynn
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